He waka eke noa – We are in this waka together.


The ancient hero Maui was known for innovation and courage. His incredible deeds are recounted in many places across our landscape. One of those places is our combined region - Te Tauihu. It is the prow of the waka of Maui.

The Te Tauihu Intergenerational Strategy is a new way of thinking about and approaching regional development, so it's easier to work and plan together across Te Tauihu. It's about enabling longer term planning, connecting our decision making and unlocking the potential in our communities for the benefit of our people, our land and our future. 

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 Learn More About the Project - Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about? +

The Te Tauihu Intergenerational Strategy is a new initiative to develop a roadmap for Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman – so we can realise the full potential of our whole region and ensure a happy, healthy, prosperous future for our people and our land.

Who's involved? +

The initiative is led by Wakatū Incorporation in partnership with all three councils; the business community; NMIT; and whānau, hapū, and iwi across Te Tauihu. It is backed by investment from the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund, aimed at accelerating regional economic development.

What's special about this project? +

This is a first for Te Tauihu. Never before have we come together to develop a shared strategy that focuses on the wellbeing of our whānau (people), pūtea (economy) and taiao (environment) across the whole region.

The idea is that by all of us – from industry and iwi to communities and councils – working more closely together we can draw on our shared knowledge and resources; increase our influence and potential; and deliver longer-term, interconnected planning that benefits us all. Most importantly, we can ensure decisions that are being made now, will be good for our mokopuna and future generations.

What will come out of this? +

A strategy document outlining the vision, priority areas and roadmap for the future will be completed in September 2019. It will be informed by robust data and evidence, and advised by internationally recognised experts in wellbeing and economic development.

How can I get involved? +

To help us shape this document and ensure it is right for our region, we want to hear from people like you who care about Te Tauihu and can offer their insights and perspectives.

A series of future-focused forums will be held across the region–from Mohua Golden Bay to Waikawa Picton–starting in July 2019. We will be inviting the community to join these forums and engage in these important conversations. Following this conversational series, we will be hosting community hui to update you on the project, test our findings, and gather your feedback.

Our regions’ face unprecedented challenges. We can’t face them alone. We are stronger when we come together. Join us.

Where can I get more information? +

Check our website tetauihu.nz for upcoming events, to connect with us on social media, register for email updates and join the conversation.

Find out more at www.tetauihu.nz